You will need several different accounts on websites for the class.  Please register for the following:

  1. A WordPress account – use whichever email you regularly check.  You do not need a blog, just a user account.
  2. A Google account – if you already have a gmail account, you have a google account.  You don’t need a gmail account to create a google account.
  3. A diigo account.  Once you have a diigo account, please request to join the accounting diigo group.  I’m not sure how much we will use the group this semester but diigo is ridiculously useful.  It will likely help you with other classes.

Once you have created all of these accounts, please complete this form so I have your basic information.

Next task, complete the class questionnaire.

And lastly, let’s see how much you remember from grade 11 accounting.  Try this brief quiz.