The class will be divided into 5 groups.  For each unit, the groups will be assigned a task to complete.  We will rotate through the tasks so that every group performs every task at least once.

SmartBoard Activities

  • Take either course information or accounting problems from the chapters and develop smartboard activities for the unit.
  • You need at least 3 different activities/games for the unit.

Main Points Summary

  • What are the five main points and/or concepts of the unit?
  • This summary isn’t about the transactions themselves but the reasons for the transactions (i.e. don’t just list journal entries)
  • There may be more than 5 points, you goal is to pick the most important points from the chapter
  • How does the unit relate to GAAPs?
  • How does the unit relate to identifying recording, measuring, and communicating information?
  • How do the topics covered ensure that accounting information is relevant, reliable, consistent and comparable?

Review Questions

  • Create a set of review questions for the class.  These should be more than open-ended questions.  Questions should either be set-up so we can use the clickers to review the material or quizzes that can be completed on-line.
  • You should have at least 15 questions for the unit.

Homework Leaders

  • responsible for leading the initial take up of the homework questions
  • this group will be provided with the answer keys to the questions assigned for homework
  • they will be responsible for leading the class through the answers and helping to answer student questions

Free Unit

  • You aren’t required to produce anything for this unit


  • Gee Wiz
  • Sam & Associates
  • Eagles
  • CKS
  • Gemini Incorporated
SMARTBoard Activities Summary Notes Review Questions Homework Leaders Free Unit
Unit 1 Gemini Incorporated Gee  Wiz Eagles Sam & Associates CKS
Unit 2 Eagles Sam & Associates Gee  Wiz CKS Gemini Incorporated
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5

Accounting Unit Tasks rubrics