Lehman Brothers and Ernst & Young

Lehman Brothers

General Information

  • Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
  • Investment bank; the smallest giant on Wall Street
  • Survived 158 years
  • 60 offices around the world
  • More than 28,000 staff

Brief Timeline

1993 – Richard Fuld became the CEO of Lehman

  • Grew from traditional investment bank to using borrowed money to play the market itself.

2000 – Borrowed significant amount of money to fund their investment in the housing markets.

2007 – The firm closed its subprime lender: BNC Mortgage

  • Repo 105 is used as a tool for Lehman to extend and delay their downfall.
  • $27 million reduction in goodwill

2008 – Reported loss of 3 billion dollars; sets $6 billion dollars stock sale

Sept. 15th, 2008 – Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

  • Largest bankruptcy filing in US history, holding over $600 billion assets.

Effects to the Accounting Industry

  • The decisions made that led to the fall of Lehman were most miss calculation in investment choices
  • Since the issue is very recent, it is still under investigations.

Repo 105

It’s a repurchase agreement

–       Short term loan in exchange for collateral

–       Lehman: Categorized as sales instead of loan (Flashy Accounting!)

–       Used international law of Britain to define sales

–       Over 50 Billion in Repo 105 transactions

–       Repo 105 used to temporarily remove the securities inventory from the balance sheet

–       Repo money used to pay down liabilities

–       Decreased leverage misled investors into thinking the company was very healthy

Ernst and Young

General Information

–       Big 4 Accounting Firm

–       Involved in a few other scandals (Akai Holdings, Sons of Gwalia)

–       Responsible for: External Auditing and Investigating the internal fraud claim

Brief Timeline

  • 2003: HealthSouth Corp

– $109 million settlement of investor lawsuits

  • 2009: Bally’s Total Fitness Holding Corp.

– Fined 8.5 million for approving fraudulent statements

  • 2009: Akai Holdings ($200 million settlement)

– falsified court documents to avoid negligence charges

  • 2009: Sons of Gwalia

– $125 Million (AUS) negligent of gold and dollar hedging contracts

Ernst and Young Case

–       No substance to transaction except to remove unwanted assets

–       Repo 105 existed to manipulate financial information

–       Financial statements may be materially misleading even when they do not violate GAAP

–       Perfectly legal which makes it difficult to charge

–       Matthew Lee (long time employee) = Whistle Blower

–       Did not see or approved Repo 105

–       Ignored Matthew Lee’s Claim

–       Investigating the internal fraud claim = prohibited by Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Future Outlook

–       May experience reputation loss, but yet early to tell what will happen next

–       There is potential for:

–       Reforms of GAAPS and regulations

–       Shows the weakness of Sarbanes-Oxley

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